Google to bring Android games to Windows in 2022

On the occasion of the Games Awards, Google announced the arrival of Android games on Windows, starting in 2022. A Google Play Games application will be available for download on the Microsoft operating system.

Android games on Windows in 2022

Google simply presented the app at the Game Awards ceremony, with an arrival sometime next year. It is not yet clear what technology Google uses to emulate Android games on Windows, but at least we know that the games will be run locally and not through cloud gaming.

For now, Google is not saying much about how it works or what games will be available. The group confirmed that they created the application on their own, without using existing technology from Microsoft, Bluestacks or others. Also, the support will be done on Windows 10 as well as on Windows 11. This is good news for those who still have Windows 10, when we know that the emulation of Android applications isone of the new features of Windows 11. There is obviously the use of a derivative technology here.

We will have to wait for the next few months to have more information, either from Google or from Microsoft. In any case, those who like mobile games on Android will be able to find them on their PC on Windows to play with a larger screen and use the keyboard and mouse.