Google says Chrome on Windows just got faster

Chrome improves on Windows, to the point of becoming faster and faster if we are to believe the speech of Google. The group assure that his browser has seen a real gain since update 86 which saw the light of day at the beginning of October…

A performance boost for Chrome on Windows

This version of Chrome has added what Google calls occlusion for all Windows users. The group has been able to collect several data since October and says the performance gain can go up to 25.8% at best.

For several years now, Chrome has reduced resource usage by lowering the priority of background tabs and minimized windows. What the browser didn’t do, however, was lower the priority of active tabs in Chrome windows that were in the background but not minimized. Thanks to the new occlusion feature, the software has also managed to lower the priority of tabs hidden behind other Windows programs.

Here are the performance gains according to Google:

Faster startup from 8.5% to 25.8%.
3.1% reduction in CPU memory usage
20.4% fewer render frames overall
4.5% fewer users experiencing renderer crashes
3% improvement in first entry delay
6.7% improvement in First Contentful Paint (measures the time between a website link clicks and when it displays the first bit of content on the page) and larger First Contentful Paint
There is a particular emphasis on Chrome since Windows because it is used by a significant number of people around the world. In general, the browser is intended to be very popular on computers (regardless of the operating system). According to StatCounter, its market share globally is 66.35%. The second browser is Safari and is very far with 9.82%.