Google Pixel 5: goodbye glass, long live metal

Google Pixel 5 is clad in a metal body

Tonight there will be a presentation of Google Pixel 5, about which almost everything is known. But still, there is one detail that none of the insiders previously paid much attention to – the case materials. Considering the industry’s serious bias towards glass cases, I think it was logical to expect the Pixel 5 to appear in a glass “outfit”. But suddenly Google decided to swim against the tide here too.

A message came that the company refused to use glass as a back cover material. Google has decided to return to the use of aluminum in the manufacture of smartphone cases. The new generation of Pixel backgrounds is now metallic.


Most likely, this is dictated by the desire to get away from one of the fragile parts of the case, which was easily damaged by falls and impacts. And Pixel 5 in “metal armor” will look solid and expensive. Another plus of the metal is good thermal conductivity. However, this decision means that the new product will not receive support for wireless charging.

Recall that this year the new Pixel will leave from the concept of the flagship in its full understanding. It will be a Snapdragon 765G-based device with an OLED display, a pair of sensors in the main camera 12.2 MP + 16 MP and a 4080 mAh battery. In addition to the camera on the back of the device, the user will see an element that is gradually becoming an artifact – a fingerprint scanner.