Google Pixel 4a battery life vs. Pixel 3. Endurance test passed

Talking about the autonomy of the Google Pixel 4a

Last year, Google took and released smartphones for the masses – the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. New items are Apple’s answer to the iPhone XR. This year, they decided to follow the tradition of releasing a rival compact and inexpensive iPhone, but limited themselves to the release of only the Pixel 4a. Of all the “pixels”, this one turned out to be really budget. The price of $ 350 with good specifications is very, very worthy.

Some of the key strengths of the Google Pixel 4a include the camera, stock Android and long-term support. But what about autonomy? After all, let’s put it bluntly with an eye on its battery and gluttonous filling, he does not mark long-livers. Nevertheless, we set out to check how, in terms of autonomy, the Pixel 4a will become an adventure and a challenge.


The smartphone has a 3140mAh battery and is fine for a device with a 5.8-inch OLED display. But, alas, the smartphone drains the battery faster than we would like. With an ordinary load, the battery squeaks enough for a day of work and no tricks here will help you win a couple of hours of work. But if we compare the Pixel 4A with the Pixel 3, then the “budget pixel” is the leader here. It’s already nice to get a prize in almost 1 hour of work.

If we look at what batteries and “ hardware “got” neighbors “a little higher on the list, then we can say that the Pixel 4a, although it did not become a cool smartphone in terms of autonomy, but you can not call it a” weakling “. In terms of battery life, it delivers what you should expect from a device with such a battery. There is not much to be happy about, but you should not be disappointed either. But stock up on an external battery if you plan to seriously load the Pixel 4A will not be superfluous.

To view the full Andro News autonomy table and compare pixel 4a with other smartphones here


Smartphone Google Pixel 3 Google Pixel 4 a
Battery capacity 2 915 mAh 3 140 mAh
Test steps
Front camera (30 min) 86% 93%
Antutu & 3DMark 79% 87%
PUBG (1 hour) 67%
Main camera (30 min) 41% 53%
Watching YouTube (1 hour) 29% 45%
Voice recorder (15 min) 26% 43%
Movie offline (1 hour) 13% 36%
WOT Blitz up to 0% up to 0%
Total running time: 5 hours and 40 minutes 6 hours and 30 minutes