Google Nest column showed up on merged renders

Smart speaker from Google Nest Audio can now be viewed from all angles.

As we all know, Google will host a major event at the end of the month where the company will be showcasing many new products. Naturally, the Internet could not sit idle, which is why new leaks appear on the Web every now and then.

Today, the German edition of WinFuture shared images of Nest Audio, the upcoming smart speaker from Google and the successor to Google Home. The new images show two new color options: Chalk (white) and charcoal (dark gray). We are waiting for a modern design with a design in fabric. The speaker itself is quite tiny.

Interestingly, Google has already shared the official image of Nest Audio in blue. So this leak suggests the speaker will be sold in at least three colors.

Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information about Nest Audio on the Web at the moment, but many publications expect that the speaker will at least not be worse than its predecessor. At least for now, Google has shown that they care about sound quality, and there is definitely hope for improvement.

Along with the speaker, Google should introduce a 5G version of the Pixel 4a, Pixel 5 and your mini-format TV box at your event at the end of September.