Google Chrome: an alert for extensions that are not on a trusted list

Google Chrome: an alert for extensions that are not part of a trusted list

The level of enhanced protection with safe browsing is still going take Google Chrome up a notch, especially for Chrome Web Store extensions.

With the current version 91 of its Chrome browser, Google will deploy new features with secure browsing (Safe Browsing) and enhanced protection level (Enhanced Protection). A setting that can be found in the security settings (chrome: // settings / security) since version 83.

For this enhanced secure browsing, Google talks about Enhanced Safe Browsing with a proactive verification in order to determine if pages and downloads are dangerous by sending information to a service.

The enhanced protection will now allow a warning to be displayed in the form of a dialog box. It will inform the user that an extension from the Chrome Web Store that is about to be installed is not on the list of extensions approved by Enhanced Safe Browsing.

It is is proven that all extensions that meet the Chrome Web Store Developer Program guidelines are considered safe by Enhanced Safe Browsing. This currently represents 75% of all extensions in the Chrome Web Store. For new developers, it will take a few months of compliance with the regulations for them to become trustworthy.

In addition, for any download deemed risky by Safe Browsing without being clearly identified as dangerous, users of Enhanced Safe Browsing will be entitled to a warning and the ability to send the file to Google’s servers for further analysis, beyond checking the existing metadata.