FragAttacks: 12 Wi-Fi vulnerabilities are revealed, how to protect yourself

A collection of 12 vulnerabilities affecting Wi-Fi has been revealed and bears the name FragAttacks.

Security researcher Mathy Vanhoef explains that hackers can exploit them to intercept sensitive data or display fake pages on user screens, even if the network is secured with WPA2 or WPA3 protocols.

12 Wi-Fi vulnerabilities grouped together under the name FragAttacks
Three of the vulnerabilities are quite notable, since they relate to the design of the Wi-Fi standard itself. Thus, most devices are affected. The other nine flaws can be attributed to programming errors in the implementation of the Wi-Fi standard on products. According to the researcher, 100% of products that can connect to Wi-Fi are at least affected by one of the 12 vulnerabilities.

This collection of Wi-Fi vulnerabilities is therefore more than important. But there are at least two positives (so to speak) with FragAttacks. The first is that not everyone can exploit vulnerabilities because their use is not easy. The hacker who wants to take action must in particular be located near the Wi-Fi network of the potential victim. What’s more, it is necessary that the user be tricked in some way.

Protect yourself from FragAttacks
The easiest way to protect yourself is to update your devices and operating systems to the latest version. It can be your box / router, smartphone, computer and many other things.

Another element is to make sure that you are visiting sites using HTTPS. This connection is verified at the URL bar with HTTPS at the very beginning (a padlock may appear on the left). Hackers cannot modify the content of an HTTPS page, given how it works.