Flight Simulator GOTY Edition extras will be free for those who already have the game

Microsoft announces the upcoming Flight Simulator GOTY Edition (Game of the Year Edition). Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition will be available on PC and Xbox Series X on November 18th and will bring its (big) batch of extras to the original game.

5 new aircraft will be offered in this special edition, including the F/A-18 Super Hornet, the VoloCity, the PC-6 Porter, the NX Cube and the Aviat Pitts Special S1S.

There will also be eight new ultra-detailed airports (including Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and Patrick Space Force Base of the US Air Force), eight additional cities modeled using Photogrammetry (including Helsinki, Nottingham and Utrecht), more tutorials (IFR) and finally new discovery flights (which allow you to fly over known places without having to search in the menus)

The GOTY Edition will be even better optimized for DirectX 12 and will improve its weather rendering engine (already spectacular). Note that those who have already bought the game will be entitled to all these extras/improvements without any extra costs (the Xbox Game Pass is not concerned by this nice gift).