First bugs: iOS 14 resets default apps after reboot

Apple’s new iOS 14 firmware can’t keep user-selected default apps and resets user’s selection to native apps.

Just yesterday, we breathed in talking about the new iPhone firmware from Cupertinos, highlighting new features, and now we received reports of the first major bug.

One of the most interesting innovations is the ability to change the default applications, namely the browser applications and the mail client … Judging by the feedback from users, this important point does not want to work on the new firmware.

The problem is that whenever the user changes the default browser to, for example, Google Chrome, he works as expected, that is, when you click any link in the application or browser, it will open Chrome. But if you restart your phone, iOS 14 will change the default settings to Apple’s Safari.

This bug is a reminder that the company is undeservedly associated with stability and meticulous attention to detail. After all, Apple’s new firmware has been publicly tested since the summer, and such a mistake could hardly have been missed with normal smartphone use.

Now, many publications actively recommend making a backup of your smartphone before any iOS update.