FBI: Apple agree to give access to a protester’s iCloud account

It seems that Apple’s position is with regard to the protection of the data of its users seem to be deviating lately. Indeed, the firm, which has long refused to give access to iCloud accounts to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies despite tragic events, has once again given its approval.

It must be said that this time, we’re talking about the phone of a protester who threw a Molotov cocktail at several police cars in Seattle.

Apple accedes to FBI’s request to share data

Last May, news newspapers were inundated with images from the United States, especially the West Coast, following demonstrations to protest against police violence.

Only, the movements quickly turned sour, in one camp, as in the other. Kelly Jackson, was arrested and charged with throwing a Molotov cocktail at police cars.

The man has recognized thanks to the cameras present at the scene, but to confirm the latter’s position, a warrant was put in place to access the location of his iPhone 7.

The FBI, in charge of the case, then had to make a request to Apple to access the data stored on iCloud. Apple responded positively, giving access to the man’s full name, email address, and address.

They also found screenshots of the protest, a technique to create a Molotov cocktail, but also photos of the man wearing the same sweater as when he was arrested.

Apple seems to have resigned itself to collaborating …