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Fake News: US elections manipulated by AI?

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Fake News: US elections manipulated by AI?

The latest advances in AI for content writing could prove very powerful for the presidential campaigns to come.

The US presidential elections are approaching, and recent advances in AI allowing resources to be written almost instantly indistinguishable from those written by human beings, could influence the vote of voters.

This new AI is a language model called GPT-3, developed by the company OpenAI. AI can seamlessly create answers to questions, but also write content like poems and novels, articles and even web pages. So it becomes easy to imagine the influence this AI can have on the next US election if it falls into the wrong hands. In a few seconds, dozens of articles generated on different websites can be generated as well as the resulting comments.

This robot could therefore create of massive disinformation and make it more believable with a massive influx of articles from different sources to make the comments more believable while adding thousands of comments generated to give an illusion of reality to the reader. Although a few errors may be made in the text, these are very rare. Readers should beware, for if such force is used, he may well find himself inundated with each more false information than the next in a much greater and more effective manner than in the previous elections.

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