Facebook prepares to declare war on Apple


Facebook is preparing for a legal battle with Apple, accusing it of creating a monopoly

Apple and Facebook once had a rather warm relationship. So, there was a time when the “apple” giant promoted the social network in iOS and even “caved in” in front of Facebook, allowing it not to pay for a number of transactions within the App Store. But in 2020, a “black cat” ran between the companies, when Apple introduced a taboo on the placement of the Facebook game service in its app store, and also launched a set of iOS / iPadOS 14 privacy features, the purpose of which was to protect users from invisible surveillance.

All this was not to the liking of Facebook, which was outraged by the actions of Apple. Now, from indignation, they can turn to action and declare war on the concern from Cupertino. In particular, Facebook intends to initiate legal proceedings against Apple, where the latter will be accused of a monopoly position.

It was reported that Facebook lawyers are preparing a lawsuit against the “apple” company, where it is accused of a monopoly takeover of the market. In particular, “the company is abusing its position in the smartphone market by forcing application developers to abide by App Store rules, while its own applications go against the same rules.”

Cheese -the collection has flared up after Apple introduced new rules in the App Store in 2020, according to which developers will be required to request permission from users to track in applications. Facebook did not like this very much, because in many ways its income is based on ads displayed in applications. And the new rules threaten with the fact that software developers will not be able to collect data about users in order to show them relevant ads. Then she stated that by its actions Apple is harming small business.

A number of experts said that Facebook is actually manipulating and trying to save its own income, as well as to hide its not completely honest activity, built on tracking users in order to monetize its own business. But it seems that the company does not care what others think of it, it is important for it to keep its own income and for this it is ready to actively act. Through litigation, Facebook will try to achieve a favorable outcome for itself in this situation.

But within Facebook itself, there is no consensus and a number of employees are rather skeptical about the prospect of an open confrontation against Apple. They disagree that, in this situation, the company looks like a victim in the light of the fact that it does have problems with breaching user privacy. We will find out soon whether the case will go to court.