Facebook hack: Mark Zuckerberg among 533 million users

The data of 533 million Facebook users leaked this weekend after a hack, and one of them was Mark Zuckerberg. Indeed, several information on the CEO of the social network is available in the database, including his mobile phone number.


Even Mark Zuckerberg is affected by the Facebook hack

This presence of Mark Zuckerberg in the Facebook hack database has prompted some to test. For example, users used the leader’s phone number on different services to see if it was listed on it. It just so happens that he uses Signal, the encrypted messaging that competes with WhatsApp. It can make you smile when you know that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Are we to understand that Mark Zuckerberg prefers Signal to WhatsApp for better privacy?


For its part, Facebook claims that the data for 533 million users dates back to 2019. But that is not reassuring, since many of them do not change in the space of a few years. The data in question are names, phone numbers, (sometimes) email addresses, Facebook IDs, last place visited, dates of birth, biographies, relationship status and account creation date.

The platform specifies that the method used to recover the data is blocked. At the same time, the social network did not apologize.