Exynos 1000 vs. Snapdragon 875: Will Samsung Finally Get Qualcomm?

The first test results indicate that the Exynos 1000 is more powerful than the Snapdragon 875

Samsung is one of the the most cunning and thoughtful smartphone manufacturers, which creates most of the components on its own. Among the components that the company produces are Exynos chips. But the flagship Exynos processors are rife with “childish” problems, including overheating and poor energy efficiency. Therefore, its top-end SoCs maintain a reputation for being second, if not third, behind premium Qualcomm and HiSilicon chips.


But, perhaps in the case of the Exynos 1000, the company will be able to leap over its head and bypass one of its main competitors. As you know, it is preparing next year to release flagships based on the new 5-nanometer Exynos 1000 chip, which will receive three clusters of cores grouped according to the “1 + 3 + 4” scheme. Preliminary results of running the processor in Geekbench give hope that the new creation of Samsung can bypass the Snapdragon 875.

So, the other day, the results of running two Galaxy S21 prototypes were found in the synthetic test database. where one runs on Exynos 1000, and the other – Snapdragon 875. In the first case, the smartphone was able to score 4250 points in the multi-threaded test, and 1302 points in the single-core test. The counterpart with the Qualcomm platform scored 4090 and 1159 points, respectively. Interestingly, the flagship Xiaomi Mi 11 – 4113 and 1102 showed almost the same results.

True, according to a knowledgeable source, Samsung has a number of overheating problems that have yet to be resolved, and all due to the fact that it was decided to overclock the super-core Cortex-X1 to the maximum. There is no need to jump to conclusions. At this stage, only early prototypes have been tested and everything may change in the final products.