Epic Games: Apple is a monopoly and a liar

Epic Games seriously intends to defeat Apple in court

One of the central topics this summer was the confrontation between content developers and Apple. Among the rebels was the game studio Epic Games, which went to outright provocation and open conflict by integrating a payment tool into Fortnite. Apple’s reaction was predictable and harsh – expulsion from the App Store. Naturally, Epic Games decided to go to court for justice.


In which direction the thicket of the scales of justice will tilt is unknown. But Epic Games is quite aggressive about defending its interests in court and is not shy about expressions. Last Friday, the company filed another statement in court, in which it said that “Apple does not dispute that it has full control over the distribution of applications to more than a billion users worldwide.” But at the same time, the Cupertino concern denies that it is a monopolist in this area.

Also, the statement almost directly accused Apple of lying. For example, Epic Games claims that the Cupertino-based concern is lying, claiming that in the end the Fortnite developer removed the in-game currency. The company did not do this, and users could use an alternative payment tool until Epic Games was blocked. In addition, the developers also deny the fact that the introduction of in-game currency is fraught with a security threat. Apple has not provided any evidence of this.

The most violent reaction from developers was the fact that in its objections to court, Apple claims that there was a 70% decline in interest in Fortnite between October 2019 and July 2020, so Epic Games’ demarche is nothing more than a PR campaign to attract attention. The developers claim that in fact everything is exactly the opposite – interest in the game has grown.

Epic Games is committed to proving the wrongfulness of Apple’s conduct. It requires the court to issue a preliminary injunction that would prohibit Apple from persecuting Epic Games content. Let’s see if she can reason with the “apple” company.