eBay “mistakenly” suspended several users

An error at eBaycaused the suspension of several user accounts. This operation, presented as an error, took place on December 12. Many people did not understand what suddenly happened.

A nasty bug at eBay

There are several testimonials on Redditof users who report seeing their eBay accounts suspended for no apparent reason. One person explains being registered since 1999 and having 100% positive progress. Suffice to say that the suspension more than surprised her. Other users report that eBay has canceled their current auctions.

Emails announcing the account suspension let users know they were putting “the eBay community at risk . ” People then contacted the auction site’s support to try to find out more and they confirmed that the block was maintained.

Fortunately, this was an error and the situation is now resolved. “A small number of eBay accounts have been inadvertently suspended. The issue is resolved and all users who need to take action have been notified ” ,indicatedthe online platform. However, it does not communicate the number of users.