Discounts on Xiaomi Ninebot KickScooter and other useful gadgets


USB hub CABLETIME, Xiaomi Ninebot KickScooter and Oclean toothbrush sterilizer are offered at discounts

Despite the absence of large-scale and grandiose sales, there is no reason to deny yourself shopping. There is always a chance to snatch something cool and interesting for less money. Today we have a harvest of three gadgets that may well be useful to everyone in everyday life. Below you will find links to today’s offers. Remember that discounts are valid for several hours, so it’s better not to waste time.

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USB – 4-port hub CABLETIME

Features: USB3.0x1 + USB2.0x3, 15 cm

Price: $ 5.99 –

Promo code “HUB668”

Toothbrush Sterilizer Oclean

Model: S1, UV sterilized, rechargeable battery 1000 mAh, 212 * 37mm

Price: $ 15.99 –

Promo code “922OCLEANS1” + $ 2 special coupon –

Scooter Xiaomi Ninebot KickScooter

Characteristics: ES1, aluminum alloy, max. speed 20km / h, load capacity 100kg, dimensions: 1020x430x1130mm

Offer for the Russian Federation. Fast delivery from a warehouse in Moscow!

Price: $ 190.40 –

Promo code “21SEP5000”

Discounts on Xiaomi Ninebot KickScooter and other useful gadgets