Digitalization of the accounting profession: five players create “The Connected Village”

To evolve is to endure. This is the conviction of the five players in the digitalization of accounting firms who have announced the launch of the GIE Le Village Connecté.

The group’s ambition is to become the first independent partner in the digital transition of the accounting profession. ACD (accounting production software), Classe 7 (communication agency), Coaxis (hosting company), RCA (accounting management software) and Waibi (dashboard) cover all the digital needs of accountants.

Providing a coherent, interoperable and independent digital offering

They have developed strong interoperability between their solutions through APIs that avoid silos and inconsistencies: common shortcomings that penalize the digital transition of public accountants. The Connected Village currently employs 500 people and has a turnover of 60 million euros. It has set itself a target of more than 100 million euros in revenues by 2030.

For Johann Perhirin, Secretary General of the Connected Village: “While the market is moving, The Connected Village brings together five historical players in the profession to make accountants stronger and support them in the automation and platformization of their firms.”

“We are five companies owned by their owners and not by financiers,” emphasizes Stén Bienvenu, President of Classe 7, who is also the President of the Connected Village.

The creation of the EIG is an intermediary step before setting up an operational merger, which will be marked by the structuring of common offers and networking between the teams.