Confusion with US customs: they do not distinguish between OnePlus Buds and Apple AirPods

US Customs seized a batch of OnePlus Buds, mistaking them for AirPods

Due to the fact that Apple products are popular and dealers are not averse to making money on counterfeit, US customs officials often they catch violators who are trying to smuggle replicas of Apple devices across the border. The US Customs and Border Protection Administration recently proudly announced that they have shown remarkable vigilance and honorably fulfilled “their noble mission of protecting American society from all kinds of dangers.”


A successful operation resulted in the arrest of a large shipment of 2,000 counterfeit Apple AirPods at John F. Kennedy International Airport on August 31. Sell ​​it to attackers as real AirPods, they could enrich themselves in the amount of $ 398,000. And here we would like to congratulate the customs officers on the fact that they serve with honor and effectively fight smuggling, if not for one circumstance.

The fact is that US customs officials are clearly not good at technology. The seized batch of “fakes” is actually a batch of OnePlus Buds headphones. At least the photos that the security officials posted clearly demonstrate that it was the OnePlus headset that was mistaken for counterfeiting AirPods. The customs officers were not at all embarrassed by the packaging and the other logo. It is very likely that they have delayed a completely legal batch of OnePlus Buds. How the embarrassment will eventually be resolved is currently unknown.