Cheaper: discounts on Xiaomi Mi Band 5, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and QCY headphones

Reduced prices for Xiaomi Mi Band 5, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and QCY headphones

Any of us wants to increase the value of the purchase, regardless of the amount in question. Would you pay more if you had the opportunity to purchase the same product, but for less money? I think that the answer is obvious, and many are not averse to saving on purchases.

For those who love rational solutions and are ready to purchase profitably for their own wallet, we offer current discounts of today. Just do not expect that the goods are ready to give you for a pittance. No one will trade at a loss. But the very fact that the seller made a price move and reduced his own profit makes us look closely at the stock. Weigh carefully how profitable the purchase will be for you, and make the final decision to buy or not.


Fitness Tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Specifications: 0.95 “AMOLED display, Bluetooth 5.0, microphone, 135 mAh, NFC, Chinese version


Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Features: 1.1 “AMOLED display, Bluetooth 5.0, Chinese version


Wireless Headphones QCY

Features: T8, Bluetooth 5.1, rechargeable battery case 380 mAh, IPX4