Charging will not be removed everywhere from the Samsung Galaxy S21


Samsung is still deciding who will be charged with the Galaxy S21 and who will be forced to take care of the environment

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series came out this week and it happened for a month earlier than usual. In fact, the number of innovations compared to their predecessors is minimal. A small number of “deviations” only confirms that the development of technology is rather sluggish and there is no need to expect a big leap.

But there is one detail that has become noticeable and controversial – Removing the charger from the Galaxy S21 package. Here, too, they referred to concern for the environment. But, if Apple tried to become a trendsetter in this matter, then Samsung decided to hide behind the backs of users. Say, we have studied consumer behavior and found that they do not need new charges when there are old ones and we are in solidarity with them. And the disappearance of the bundled adapter is just a desire to support the community.

True, the support is selective and there are countries where everything is in order with the environment, there such concern is unnecessary. This is how you can interpret the information that in the Chinese market Samsung will sell the Galaxy S21 complete with a charger. But as for the Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra, there is no clarity whether they will put a charger in China or not.

Where else Samsung is ready to harm the environment so this is Hong Kong. Thus, the company confirmed that in Hong Kong the Galaxy S21 will be sold with a complete charger, but the Galaxy S1 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra will not. It seems that the South Korean giant is still selective in terms of the delivery kit. Somewhere he is ready to show great loyalty to users and in this case do not give a damn about the “ideals of caring for the environment.”