Carl Cox joins artists in using NFTs!

This is the first sale of musical works by Carl Cox since the beginning of the year on the Winklevoss brothers’ platform, Nifty Gateway. Pioneer and legend in the world of techno, Carl Cox joins the list of world famous artists mixing music and Non-Fungible Token.


Nifty Gateway or the adoption of “general public” NFTs

Nifty Gateway has succeeded since its launch in establishing partnerships with popular artists like Beeple , Pak or even PR1MAL CYPHER .

The platform owned by the Winklevoss brothers aims to democratize the exchange of NFTs for the general public . To achieve this, the use of the blockchain is made invisible to the maximum because it is for example not possible to buy the works with cryptos.

Although this operation differs from other crypto sales platforms -art, it is interesting to see that it is possible to withdraw your fiat money directly on the exchange Gemini , allowing conversion to crypto later.

It is interesting to see that although it is possible to withdraw your NFTs on an external wallet, there is however no secondary market on another marketplace like Opensea.

This is due to the often criticized centralization of the platform which itself manages its smart-contracts and does not seem to allow its NFTs to leave its ecosystem. Even if it is possible to release your works on an external portfolio, at first glance the portfolio for the artists is managed by the Nifty Gateway.

But what is certain is that did not stop collectors from investing in their favorite works and above all, from continuing to see new recognized artists arriving on Nifty.

DJs are reinventing themselves

Carl Cox is not the first techno musical artist to take an interest in Non-Fungible Tokens. Perhaps it is because of the COVID-19 crisis that more and more musical artists are deciding to reinvent themselves to continue to spread their cultural style but this is further proof that the NFTs continue to to democratize .

This has inspired other artists but to stay on the musical theme, it is Deadmau5 who recently made people talk about him by publishing a musical work on Rare . Almost at the same time, the artist signed a partnership with the music streaming platform hosted on EOS, Emanate.



This is also the case for RAC which released a tokenized version of their album “BOY” last year but it didn’t stop there! Indeed, he also published on the SuperRare platform a series of three works which managed to sell for a total of 111 ETH .

The American DJ 3LAU first carried out a collaboration with the artist Slime Sunday to publish a unique work on the Nifty Gateway platform in October 2020. It was the opportunity at that time to promote his arrival on the decentralized music streaming platform Audius !

But he did not stop there and create the NFT Blockparty work sales platform in order to host the works of other artists who want to embark on the adventure of crypto-art!

A new trend?

But it’s not just techno artists who have seen an interest in blockchain and NFTs … it’s also the case of rock band Muse who did a collaboration with the CryptoKitties To produce a cat signed by the hand of the group!

Another artist who has been talked about to use the blockchain to to promote his works is the American rapper Lil Yatchy who managed to sell collectibles for 16,050 dollars. Enough to promote his social token in the process but whose usefulness is yet to be determined …

The precursor of this adoption is most certainly Jose Delbo who tested on Makersplace last year and the least we can say is that was the start of a real trend ! Many crypto-artists recognized in the ecosystem such as Trevor Jones have been able to achieve several very successful collaborations with him!


Even very recently, it is the K-Pop group Mamamoo who announced to use the Polkadot blockchain to sell collectibles for its fans in partnership with the XENO exchange.

With all these names of popular artists who are starting to use the blockchain and more specifically the NFTs to promote their works, the bets are open to know who will be the next or the next to join this epic!

Coming from an artistic training, and strong a technical professional background, I have been working for several years in the blockchain universe, and more precisely in that of Non Fungible Tokens. My added value in this ecosystem is to make the challenges and opportunities offered by these new technologies accessible to as many people as possible.