Apple accused of taking UK environmental law lightly

With all its communications and decisions for the protection of the environment, everything would not be perfect at Apple yet. UK angry with Cupertino firm, government accuses company of failing to take UK e-waste law seriously.

Tim Cook is invited to appear

When it comes to Apple and the environment, we have an image of benevolence and actions  favorable to the protection of our planet. However, if we are to believe the United Kingdom House of Commons Special Committee on Environmental Audit, Apple would not take seriously the indications given to it.
Furious at this situation, Tim Cook was invited to appear before the Special Committee to explain Apple’s choices regarding the handling of electronic waste.
Initially, it was to be an Apple representative who was supposed to go there, but in the end it canceled at the last minute. The facts happened in the month of July, we are in September and the company has still not been explained.

On the side of ‘Apple, no one has yet reacted to this statement.
Philip Dunne the chairman of the committee reminded everyone that it is essential that the Cupertino company speaks as quickly as possible since with more than two billion iPhones sold worldwide, the environmental footprint can be particularly sensitive . In addition, it is a moral duty for a company of this size!
If the stone is thrown at Apple, it should still be remembered that compared to many of its competitors, the company is making advances phenomenal in environmental protection. For example, it has set up a power supply system using solar energy for its data center and Apple Store and wishes minimize its carbon footprint by 2030 by reducing the emissions of its partners who participate daily in manufacturing parts and assembling products Apple.
The case should be watched closely, but there is no doubt that the Cupertino company should react shortly to this attack which quickly gained publicity in the United Kingdom.