Another success of Xiaomi Mi Band: it is number one in popularity

13.4 million Xiaomi Mi Bands sold in Q2 2020

When Xiaomi introduced its first fitness tracker Mi Band in 2014, few believed that this simple gadget will be able to conquer the market so rapidly. Right now it is the most popular and recognizable fitness bracelet in the world. And this fact did not fail to boast of the head of Huami, which produces Mi Bands for Xiaomi.

So, he said that in the second quarter of this year, a total of 13.4 million Xiaomi Mi Band fitness trackers were sold, of which 5.49 million were in the Chinese market. It was not mentioned which models are in question. But we can assume that we are talking, first of all, about Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5. Huami itself is successful in the market of wearable devices. So, in the second quarter of this year, she managed to sell 1.74 million Amazfit smart watches, which is 48% more than a year earlier. According to the company, this is the fifth result in the world.

The Mi Band owes its popularity to the fact that it offers excellent value for money. They are functional, minimalist, and inexpensive. They also offer long run times and a wide range of functionality to track workouts and physical activity.