Android 13 leaks and unveils its first new features

A first version of Android 13, codenamed Tiramisu, has leaked and this is an opportunity to discover the first new features. This version, obtained byXDA-Developers, is far from being the full version that will be offered to everyone.

First look at Android 13

One of the most important changes for the user in this first version is the possibility for Android 13 to define different languages ​​for the different applications of your smartphone. An “Application language” setting allows you to set the language for each application. Thus, those who wish will be able to have such and such an application in English, and the rest in French. Or another language, it’s up to you. As is, the applications use the language used at the system level.


Android 13 leaks and unveils its first new features

Another feature is the ability to change the lock screen clock. This feature allows you to force the lock screen clock to appear on a single line at all times, rather than switching to a two-line layout as is the case on Android 12 when there is no no notification. By the way, the novelty could also debut in Android 12L, currently in beta.


Google also plans to offer users a new permission to accept or decline notifications from applications. Currently, notifications are automatically activated and it’s up to users to go to settings to turn them off. The new behavior will be similar to that already found on iOS.

Last point, the interface. There are hardly any changes, everything looks like Android 12. At least this is the case today, we will have to see if Google will not make adjustments between now and the beta version or the final version.

When will we see the first beta?

This year, Google offered the first developer preview of Android 12 in mid-February. The first beta isarrival in may. We can therefore imagine that history will repeat itself for Android 13 during the first months of 2022.