Android 11 will soon arrive on Android TV

Google will make sure Android TV gets the latest updates.

Google recently released a stable version of Android 11 for smartphones. The company today announced that Android 11 will now be available for Android TVs, and the update will not be a direct copy of the smartphone firmware option.

Android TV users will encounter some of the features that have been created specially for the big screen. Google said the company will be partnering with several manufacturers to bring Android 11 to life, and an update to Android TV will be available within a few months. However, those working with the ADT-3 Developer Kit can install the update today.

The system will retain most of the core functionality of Android 11. The system will delight you with improved memory management and a greater emphasis on security and privacy.

In addition, Android 11 for Android TV will add an automatic low latency picture and sound mode and improved video and audio decoding.

Also, the updated firmware will support gamepads – this feature has been waiting for a long time. This is especially true in the West, where a Google Stadia subscription is widely available. Android TV app developers can easily test their apps – Google has prepared a special test mode for this.

Google claims that the updated Android 11 allows better control of the TV functions – the performance of various devices should improve. interacting with TVs: remote controls, microphones, etc.

Well, this sounds pretty good so far. We are waiting for the first assemblies to check if Google has lied.