15 iPhone Apps That Will Help Any Student or Schoolchild

The new school year has just started, and students and schoolchildren are again frightened by quarantines and the transition to remote control. We offer a selection of useful apps to help you learn both at home and in the classroom or classroom.

We understand the financial situation of young people and their unwillingness to pay for content, therefore we have collected exclusively free applications that have sufficient features without in-app purchases and subscriptions.

1. Developing Good Habits with Kickstart

I myself remember how hard it is at school or student age to train yourself to regularly do something necessary. This could be morning exercises, jogging, reading books regularly, taking vitamins or taking daily fluids.

A smartphone with a special application will help modern youth in this. Kickstart offers to customize reminders of an important habit or choose a set of habits from your idol.

Reminders can be flexibly arranged according to the days of the week, and notifications are configured by time. It remains only to receive messages and perform the specified action.


2. Learning new English words in the Redict application

Not the most popular dictionary for learning new English words. But the application works without a subscription, has a large database and the ability to listen to the correct pronunciation.

It also has flashcards widgets for learning words right from the iPhone desktop.


3. Getting Started with the App Accents

The app contains some pretty useful accent dictionaries. With its help, you can easily remember how to pronounce this or that word of the Russian language.

There is a test mode and a list of selected words for better memorization.

The program contains a popular dictionary with the most common stress errors, a dictionary with a collection of accents from the Unified State Exam, correct accents for proper names and Russian metro stations.


4. Drawing in Augmented Reality with SketchAR

One of the few apps that usefully develop augmented reality theme. The program will help you learn to draw by hand or upgrade an existing skill.

After installing the application, select a suitable drawing that we will transfer to paper and point the smartphone camera at the sheet. Now all that remains is to repeat the outlines with a pencil, pen or brush, looking at the sheet through the smartphone’s camera.

You can turn any picture on your smartphone into a sketch, the program itself will create the blank necessary for sketching, you just have to repeat it on paper.


5. MyScript Calculator can help solve complex examples

An ordinary calculator can only help primary and secondary schoolchildren; already in high school, algebra tasks have to be solved in several steps and use voluminous formulas to calculate.

The MyScript Calculator application can handle handwritten text or even scan an example written on a piece of paper. Further, all actions are carried out in the application and the user immediately receives a ready-made response.


6. We turn a smartphone into a document scanner through Scanbot

Very often, students gain knowledge from textbooks, manuals or printed summaries. In order not to waste time transferring data to your notebook, you can take a couple of photos with the camera built into your smartphone.

We once ran to the nearest copier for this, but now it is enough to install a simple application that will independently crop and align the photo.

In the professional subscription version, even photo recognition is available.


7. Remembering the data you need with StudyBlue

When preparing for a test or exam, you have to remember a lot of data. One proven memorization technique involves repetition with flashcards.

I myself once drew such cards at school and printed them on a printer at the university. Now everything is much easier, you can enter the necessary data in the application and repeat the cards with the necessary information right on the iPhone.


8. We keep a schedule of classes in the Class Timetable application

Instead of a diary or notebook, the schedule of classes can be recorded in a special application. This will help you keep track of your item schedule, weekly rotation, and assignment list.

Convenient application can synchronize with the program on the computer.


9. Learning to read quickly with Outread

The skill of fast reading will come in handy not only during study, but also in future life. Some speed reading will help in work, while others will facilitate the accompanying hobby.

You can learn to read quickly using any of the popular techniques. Application Outread was created based on one of these techniques. We just load the required text into the program and practice reading faster.

10. Find Free Wi-Fi with WiFi Map

The application contains a huge database of wireless hotspots for network access. It can be both free public Wi-Fi hotspots and password-protected routers in cafes, offices and other establishments.

The database is replenished and updated by the users themselves, so that the new password from the popular access point will not remain secret for long.

You can download a map of points and passwords from them at home, and then view it offline.


11. We keep records of pocket money in CoinKeeper

This simple and straightforward application will help you master the basics of financial literacy, which will definitely come in handy in later life. We enter all sources of income, such as money given by parents, gifts from grandmother and scholarships, and then we unsubscribe every day about each waste.

At the end of the month we get a visual schedule of spending and see which categories spend the most money, due to which you can reduce costs and save money for a big purchase.

If you accustom yourself to budget in your youth, it will greatly help during an independent life and in a future family.


12. Alarmy will help you not to oversleep an important exam

Anyone gets used to their alarm clock over time and sometimes may simply not notice it or turn it off without fully waking up. So you can easily oversleep an important lecture or even be late for an exam.

The alarm clock is specially designed for such cases Alarmy. It turns off only after completing a certain task.

You will have to finally wake up and come to your senses in order to turn off the sound from the smartphone.


13. Solving math problems with Photomath

When a math example needs not only to be solved, but also to understand the sequence of actions, the special program Photomath .

With its help, you can solve problems of any complexity, while the answer will be displayed step by step in order to accurately trace the logic and the correct approach.


14. We find the necessary data in the universal Foxford reference book. Textbook

The application contains most of the data on all subjects of the school curriculum. All the necessary terms, concepts, quotes and dates are here.

The program is useful for reviewing the passed material or preparing for exams.


15. Knowledge application will help you quickly cope with homework

This is a dedicated network that connects users from different regions. If you run into a problem or cannot solve a problem, just create a new topic and other users will definitely help.

In your free time, you can help other users solve their problems, earning yourself a high rating.